Flu Shot Dance

Believe it or not, I hate shots. As someone who works with kids on managing needle phobias, you’d think that maybe I’m a hypocrite. But I find that my needle anxiety not only helps me emphasize with frightened youngsters, it also makes me work hard to come up with ways to make it less stressful. And if you’ve been around me for longer than a few minutes, you would know that one of my favorite ways to relieve stress is to dance.

Enter the “Flu Shot Dance”. Yes it is a thing. Or if it’s not, I will make it a thing! Part of the reason why injections hurt is because the medication is sitting in the muscle and takes awhile to be absorbed by the body. But when you exercise the muscle the medication is able to be absorbed quicker. (Think about the difference between just placing lotion on your skin versus rubbing it in.) And who doesn’t like turning on some tunes and doing a little dance?

So when your little ones get their flu shot this year, have a flu shot dance to celebrate their bravery as well as to help decrease that annoying arm ache! Here’s my flu shot dance of 2020, what does yours look like?

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