Sending Love With Our February Newsletter

After a busy first month of 2021, let’s take a moment and consider our relationships with our loved ones. How have you been showing love to your kids and teens? Did you know that love doesn’t need to be expressed in expensive or fancy ways. In fact, the best kind of love is the one experiencing in simple acts. Making eye contact, taking a few minutes to be fully present, and listening without judgement or advice. Looking for more ideas? We’ve got you covered! It’s all in our February Newsletter!

5 Signs the Pandemic is Hurting Your Child

Whether or not you’ve had COVID-19, the pandemic has impacted not just the lives of adults, but of kids and teens too. Children (especially young children) often appear as if life doesn’t phase them as much as it does adults. They may be sad, angry, or frustrated for a few moments. Then the feeling is over and they are back to happily playing.

But that playful exterior is not always a mirror image of what is going on inside. Kids express their feelings in many different ways. Sometimes they don’t even know that a feeling is connected to a specific event or problem!

Here are 5 signs that could mean the pandemic has taken on emotional toil on your child or teen:

  1. After begging for months to start that favorite activity again, your child appears to be sabotaging any plans that include the requested activity.
  2. Your generally mild-tempered child flares up in anger at the slightest provocation, most recently over the dinosaur chicken nuggets.
  3. The battle to go to school (either online or in-person) has reached an unprecedented level of resistance seen by both you and the Klingon Empire.
  4. Even after trying the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast) your child still complains of a stomach ache.
  5. The definition of sleep has somehow changed for your child but you have yet to see a memo.

It’s true that these 5 signs could mean many things, but during times of stress (like a pandemic) caregivers should be on the lookout. Each one points to anxiety or stress of some kind. If they have surfaced during 2020, it is highly probable that the pandemic is to blame. Unless your family has experienced a different stressful event. Either way, the recommendations are the same.

So what is a caring adult to do? Start by validating any feelings. Try and name them if you can. If your child corrects you, accept it. It’s your child who is feeling it, not anyone else.

Next help your child find calmness if necessary. Guide her or him through a few deep breaths, visualizing a safe place, or focusing on muscle relaxation.

Then invite your child to share his or her feelings and where they might be coming from. Don’t judge, just accept. As mentioned before, it’s your child’s feeling and no on else’s.

Finally, ask for ideas on how to handle the issue. Don’t reject ideas, just listen. Then work together to pick the one you both are able to agree on.

Want to go deeper on this topic Send me an email! I’m here to help!

Sweetest Kulu

Looking for a good bedtime story? This is a perfect one! This reminds me of the book “On the night you were born” but even better. And it also gives a wonderful glimpse of Arctic culture. Plus I love that it uses the Inuktitut term for endearment, “Kulu”. Definitely going to be adding this book to my collection!

January Newsletter Available!

I am so excited to be releasing the first newsletter of 2021! We’re talking about new years resolutions that you can help your kids and teens make. It’s a great opportunity to help them work on goal setting and habit changing.

Another big topic is how to handle the COVID-19 vaccine. Right now the two vaccines aren’t cleared for people under 16 years old, but I imagine that will change before the end of the year. So it’s important to start thinking about whether your children and teens are going to get in line or not. And if they are, do you have a plan to help keep the tears and fears to a minimum? We’ve got some simple tips to help get you through this stress point.

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Looking for another activity for your young preschoolers? How about a shape scavenger hunt? Not only is it great for beginning math skills, but it encourages exploration and creativity. And it is a great opportunity for little ones to be in control, which they love!

Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas to all! I am blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with some of my family and it was so wonderful to go to Mass, even with masks and physical distancing.

It’s so important to keep traditions that are meaningful as normal as possible. No matter what holidays you celebrate! For my family, it means getting up early to open presents and then going to church. And in the afternoon/evening, watch movies. The choice this Christmas? A Lord of the Rings marathon!

What traditions did you keep this year?

When We Were Alone

This is a beautiful book that shares the negativity of the boarding school indigenous children were sent to in a way that is less scary for little ones. It also shared how the children coped with the negativity and lack of support. While what happened to the children at the schools was horrible, it’s still important to talk about it. I found the rhythm of the story to be steady and the illustrations intriguing. Definitely a great book to expose young readers to difficult situations and ways to cope with them

Wild Berries

Looking for something yummy? Here is the first review in the picture book series featuring indigenous authors. I really enjoyed reading this book, especially since it reminded me of an childhood favorite of mine, “Blueberries for Sal.” It even shares what sound a berry makes in the Cree dialect.

Speaking of language, I love that this book has not only an indigenous language integrated into it, it even helps non-native speakers with the pronunciation. A great way to expose your kids to a different language than what they might learn in school.

I also enjoyed the simplicity of the art. It leaves quite a bit to the imagination which is wonderful for kids. Definitely a great addition to your home library!

December Newsletter!

Happy Holidays everyone!!! We are excited to release the December edition of the Caregiver Connections Newsletter! You can download your copy below! And if you would like to receive the newsletter straight to your inbox, sign up here!