Intensive Announcement

Calling all Child Life Students!

Are you confused with what goes where on your applications?

Are you struggling with your essays?

Do you stress during interviews?

We are here for you! Thriving Play is excited to announce its inaugural Child Life Student Digital Intensive: Preparing for the Clinical Experience

Participants will meet December 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th for an hour over Zoom to work on…

💡Resume & Application
💡Cover Letter

The time commitment is one hour a day and the cost is only $50!

When you sign up between November 26-30, you also make it possible for someone to participate free of charge!

Let’s give thanks by giving back to our fellow students! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Send an email to to save your spot! Got a question? Leave it below!

We have a Youtube Channel!

I’m very excited to announce that we now have a Youtube Channel! So you can look for our videos both here on our website and on Youtube! If you want to be updated when we release a new video, definitely go subscribe! No fear of missing out here!

And our first video? Our initial pantomime activity: “Fall Leaves”. Want more pantomime videos? Let us know and we will get on it!

Thankful Jar Activity

It is officially November and I can’t believe that 2020 is almost over! It was definitely not a year I expected, but I think I can say that there were a few good things that happened. Like visiting my hometown in Tennessee this summer, or starting a new job at a local dance studio. And also choreographing and performing with my dance group.

November is a great month to reflect on the year and what we have to be thankful for. Especially since the end of the month is when many people celebrate Thanksgiving. Let’s get a start on being Thankful by starting a Thankful Jar this month.

All you need is a jar or any fun container, as well as some small pieces of paper and a writing utensil. You can decide if you are going to add to the jar daily, weekly, or at any other point in time. But the more you add, the more fun it is to read everything at the end of the month!

On each piece of paper, write something you are thankful for. If you live with your family, have everyone participate! You might be surprised to learn what people are grateful for!

Have you ever done this activity before? What was it like for you? Leave a reply in the comments below!

Trick or Treat Checklist

Are you ready for Halloween this year? It may look a little different since we are still in the middle of a pandemic. But we can still have some fun. If you plan to go Trick or Treating this year, it’s important that you are prepared so you only bring home candy and other treats and not little germs! But what to bring? I’ve got you covered, with a checklist that will get you on the path to a spooky fun adventure!

Trunk or Treat – COVID Style

Are you ready for Halloween? How are you planning to celebrate? There are definitely lots of different options. Here’s one idea: A COVID-19 approved Trunk or Treat! By making some adjustments you can still enjoy a spooky evening! Ask everyone to wear masks, use good hand hygiene, and keep 6 feet apart from people who aren’t in your household. Encourage everyone to use gloves when handing out candy to help cut down on the germs!

Check out the planning steps below! And let us know how your Trunk or Treat went!

Flu Shot Dance

Believe it or not, I hate shots. As someone who works with kids on managing needle phobias, you’d think that maybe I’m a hypocrite. But I find that my needle anxiety not only helps me emphasize with frightened youngsters, it also makes me work hard to come up with ways to make it less stressful. And if you’ve been around me for longer than a few minutes, you would know that one of my favorite ways to relieve stress is to dance.

Enter the “Flu Shot Dance”. Yes it is a thing. Or if it’s not, I will make it a thing! Part of the reason why injections hurt is because the medication is sitting in the muscle and takes awhile to be absorbed by the body. But when you exercise the muscle the medication is able to be absorbed quicker. (Think about the difference between just placing lotion on your skin versus rubbing it in.) And who doesn’t like turning on some tunes and doing a little dance?

So when your little ones get their flu shot this year, have a flu shot dance to celebrate their bravery as well as to help decrease that annoying arm ache! Here’s my flu shot dance of 2020, what does yours look like?

Learning Something New

Hmmm, I’ve wanted to learn how to hula. What about you? Sometimes we think we know what kids and teens want, but it’s always important to ask. It might be something simple, or something complex. It might be possible to do, or maybe not, but it’s always nice to share a deep desire. It helps to develop a strong bond between two people. ⁠

Universe In My Mind

Sometimes I feel like I have so many ideas and dreams that when I start to explore them I feel like I’ve walked into a magic wardrobe. But that’s the beautiful thing about minds. They can think of infinite things. When we take our mental health seriously, we are able to access wonderful ideas and dreams, which in turn helps improve our mental health.⁠

Encouraging a Smile

This is a great question to ask your kids and teens. Especially now when things can be very stressful. The last time I made someone laugh was yesterday. I also love telling jokes and being a little silly with my preschool students. What about you? When was the last time you made someone laugh? Leave a comment below! ⁠

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Are you kids getting squirrely? Here’s a fun idea that’s also safe during a pandemic like COVID-19. Try an indoor scavenger hunt. It doesn’t require much, in fact, you can make up your own items for your little ones to search for. But if you’re looking for a pre-made list, look no further! You can use the list below, and share your adventures in the comments below!