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It’s not fair.

Sitting there in the doctor’s office, it was like someone had sucked all the air out of the room.

You can’t fathom why someone so small has to deal with problems so big.

Flashing forward through all the scenarios, you picture the hospital visits, the smell of bleach, and beeping machines as your little one must go through so many tests and procedures.

Thinking about how much more challenging it’s going to be for your kid to be a kid – making friends, team sports, all these things have suddenly become so much harder for them.

It’s not fair that their hopes and dreams have gone out the window before they’ve even chased them.

You would trade places with your child given a chance.

But you can’t. That ache in your chest may never go away. But you’re still going to walk right next to them every step of the way.

You want them to have opportunities to experience a normal life. You want to help them be less afraid, less in pain.

But right now, all you can see are miles of doctors, pills, needles, and scans.

You’re a well-educated parent. You’ve googled as much as you can stand about their condition, but you’re frustrated with the complicated and cynical medical system.

Don’t give up. I’m here for you and your family!

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to speak up for the health and wellness of your kid.

Learn what your medical rights are and how you can best navigate the world of healthcare.

Give your family the peace of mind they need (even when things get hard and crazy) because you have built a firm foundation that your kids and spouse can rely on.

Our process adapts to your family.

By assessing what’s already working for your family and what outcomes you want to see, we’ll create a unique plan for your family.

Once we craft your unique plan, we’ll be right there with you as you test it out and make any needed changes until it fully meets your goals. (You’ll have us in your corner every step of the way).

Don’t wait for things to get even more brutal than they are right now.

Now’s the time to control your life. Don’t let exhausted doctors with diagnosis jargon call the shots.

The sooner you figure out what works, the sooner you’ll feel more confident and calmer.

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