Family Sessions

Children and teens are incredibly resilient, but some experiences are more taxing than adults realize. Individual and family sessions increase understanding and coping with stress and anxiety. Services focus on:

  • Supporting normal development
  • Staying focused and engaged with distance learning
  • Adapting to a new family member
  • Education on medical diagnosis and procedures
  • Creating an individualized coping plan
  • Facilitating smooth school re-entry


Sometimes we need a little help from our friends. By participating in a workshop, you or your child is able to learn from peers who have similar and different experiences. Current workshops include:

  • Parenting Through The Years
  • Stand-Up, Speak-Up: Performing To Boost Self-Esteem
  • Taming the Lion: Implementing Coping Techniques
  • Transition 401: Self-Empowered After High School


The expertise of a child life specialist can prove invaluable to organizations wanting to improve client satisfaction, decrease pain and distress of pediatric patients, or integrate developmentally-informed practice into policies and procedures.

Student Support

Becoming a certified child life specialist can often be a difficult path due to how competitive the field can be. Thriving Play offers mentoring and professional feedback on resumes and essays. For more information, email with the subject: “Student Support”

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