5 Signs the Pandemic is Hurting Your Child

The playful exterior is not always a mirror image of what is going on inside. Kids express their feelings in many different ways. Sometimes they don’t even know that a feeling is connected to a specific event or problem!

Infections and Epidemics Questions: Teens

Don’t forget about questions teens might have about COVID-19. Here are some great ideas on how to answer their questions, both asked and unasked!

Infections and Epidemics Questions: School-age

Here are some great answers when you school-age child begins asking questions about infections and epidemics.

Infections And Epidemics Questions: Preschool

Needing to answer your inquisitive preschooler’s questions about COVID-19? Here’s a great resource!

Infections & Epidemics Questions: Toddler Style

Looking for answers to your toddler’s questions about COVID-19? Here are some ideas on how to explain in an age-appropriate manner.