Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Looking for another activity for your young preschoolers? How about a shape scavenger hunt? Not only is it great for beginning math skills, but it encourages exploration and creativity. And it is a great opportunity for little ones to be in control, which they love!

When We Were Alone

This is a beautiful book that shares the negativity of the boarding school indigenous children were sent to in a way that is less scary for little ones. It also shared how the children coped with the negativity and lack of support. While what happened to the children at the schools was horrible, it’s stillContinue reading “When We Were Alone”

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is a great quarantine-approved activity for preschool and school-age kids: An indoor scavenger hunt, complete with suggested items to search for!

Explore Germs Using Glitter!

Looking for a way to teach your little ones about how germs are spread? Try this glitter germ activity! It’s perfect to help explain hand washing during a pandemic.

Infections And Epidemics Questions: Preschool

Needing to answer your inquisitive preschooler’s questions about COVID-19? Here’s a great resource!