Helping kids in fear, pain, and anger become healthier and happier

Thriving Play is a child life practice designed for infants, children, teens, their families who need an extra hand with life’s curve balls, as well as the community who supports them.

Individual/Family Sessions

When children and families are stressed, the individualized support from a child life specialist can provide coping skills, empowering strong and happy families.


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Child life expertise is invaluable to organizations working on improving client satisfaction. Additionally, we provide mentoring to child life students.

Sarah Davis is a Certified Child Life Specialist and has worked in the field of child life for over 6 years. Her passion is helping families find strength and resilience inside of themselves.

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Child Life Specialists are trained in child development, family theories, as well as stress and coping theories. They focus on helping children and families navigate and normalize stressful life experiences.

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