Child Life Certification Support

“If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery,
it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.”
– Michelangelo

A Difficult Path to Certification

Becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist can be a path full of challenges. Students are often competing against many others for 1 or 2 coveted slots at accredited internship sites.

Thriving Play offers mentoring and professional feedback on resumes, essays, and interviewing skills for students who are working towards child life certification.

What makes our student support different?

Before starting Thriving Play, I was the Child Life Practicum Coordinator at a large Child Life program. I’ve vetted both practicum and internship candidates, and I know what programs are looking for.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution guaranteed to get you a placement at the top program. But I am here to help you navigate your road to certification.

My focus is to help you identify and articulate your answer to the hardest question, “Why should we choose you?”

What’s a Child Life Practicum?

While it’s not required for certification, most internship sites require a practicum experience prior to applying.

If you are looking for guidance in landing a practicum, I invite you to reach out. With multiple years of experience as a Child Life practicum coordinator, I can help you understand what programs require.

Finding your Child Life Internship

The Child Life internship is the last step before taking the Child Life certification exam. With many internship sites receiving over 70 applications for only one or two slots, competition can be fierce.

I work with students who are preparing their applications or for their interviews to help them demonstrate their strongest qualities. As a past interviewer and preceptor for interns, I help students hone their unique message to Child lLfe programs.

But I’m a non-traditional Child Life student.

Sometimes students find it helpful to meet in a group; other times, they need someone to discuss their current career path and choices they have. And other students are looking for a mentor who can journey with them for a longer period of time.

Whatever your need, I am happy to work with you or, if necessary, provide you with the resources needed.

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What People Are Saying

“Words cannot express how much I appreciate Sarah’s supervision. I’ve learned a lot from her, and I really appreciate that she always considers my cultural backgrounds and unique needs and addressed them for me.”
– Ayumi Hanada, Child Life Intern

“The guidance and feedback Sarah provided have been extremely valuable as I continue to pursue the field of child life!”
– Allyson Lucht, Child Life Practicum Student