Autoimmune Support

“The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.”
– Brian Sutton-Smith

Every parent wishes for a happy, healthy baby.

And that wish remains constant as they grow from diapers to driver’s licenses, dormitories, and beyond.

But the moment your little one receives a chronic diagnosis, you watch helplessly as that dream vanishes, seemingly never to return.

I recognize just how devastating the loss of this one wish can be for your family. And while modern medicine has definitely come a long way in healing the body, many families are still searching for the “happy” – and not simply the “healthy” – part of the picture.

But there’s good news – and hope.

Just as modern medicine has evolved, so has our understanding of what your infant, child, or teen needs to be happy during a chronic illness.

We now know that children need three things:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Support
  3. Play

And even better, my training has equipped me with the strategies and solutions you need to make sure each one of you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Never underestimate the power in fear of the unknown. But the power of understanding is even greater.

When you understand what’s happening both to and around you, you can minimize fear and anxiety.

Once you understand, it’s much easier to ask for the specific type of support you need.

Not just Coping but Conquering

It’s true, a lot of what we do looks like play. But play is so much more than a release from tension. Children use play to explain their inner world to adults. By tapping into their natural language (play), we adults can both give children knowledge and provide support.

Thriving Play is here to support your family in understanding and coping with a chronic diagnosis. I offer multiple layers of support depending on your family’s specific needs:

Are you ready for some peace and understanding in your family?

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