“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Ben Franklin

Group Learning at Its Best

I am all about hands-on learning. And I find that this type of learning is magnified when it’s in a group setting.

Have you ever learned more from other participants than the presenter?

Workshops at Thriving Play are led by knowledgeable and supportive individuals, but we aren’t afraid to invite our students into the conversation.

Because each participant has her or his own insights to share, we use the strength in numbers to help everyone achieve their goals.

After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

A Toybox Full of Techniques

What sets us apart from other workshops?

The focus on applying research and ideas to your real-life experiences.

We’re not afraid to get dirty, so you can expect that we will be doing some hands-on trial and error, interactive discussions, and, of course, opportunities for you to decide how you can apply these lessons to your own family.

Workshops for Everyone

We have workshops for a variety of ages and needs, so choose the one that fits your needs.

Want to host a workshop? All can be made to fit your group’s needs, no matter the size. Audiences in the past have included small support groups, large classrooms, camp counselors, college classes, national conferences, and more.

Current Available Workshops:

Parenting during Quarantine

Currently our most popular workshop, this hour-long session will provide you with specific information on how your child may be reacting to COVID-19 and ways you can support her or him. If you are part of a group interested in this workshop, contact us!

Taming the Lion

Stress is everywhere. While it can be helpful sometimes, it’s important to recognize the difference between good and bad stress. Our focus will be on handling stress through positive coping strategies and the creation of a coping plan.

Stand Up, Speak Up

Experiment with activities and challenges based on the performing arts to help increase self-esteem.

Participants choose their engagement level and how far they want to challenge themselves, thus strengthening self-esteem.

Transitions 401

Let’s face it, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood can be difficult. With many new things to learn, it can be difficult to prioritize. This workshop helps teens identify management aspects of health and education that need improvement.

Don’t see the workshop you want?

We also provide presentations and workshops on the following topics:

• Chronic Health Basics
• Re-entry into School (can be for teachers or students)
• Stress Management
• Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools and Agencies
• Managing Anxiety
• Coping Strategies
• Patient Compliance in Health Care
• Pain Management Strategies and Comfort Positioning
• Teddy Bear Clinic

Contact me today to plan your workshop!