Health Education for Families and Organizations

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate
between a time for learning and a time for play
without seeing the vital connection between them.”
– Leo F. Buscaglia


It’s time for a newer, better approach.

You’re dealing with a bigger challenge this time. What you’ve done in the past just isn’t going to work anymore.

Are you looking for a fun, new way to help your child or teen learn better health habits? Thriving Play recognizes that the first step to a happy life is understanding what keeps your body healthy.

For families who have an upcoming medical procedure scheduled, we offer essential education – for all of you – not just the patient.

Families Walking Confidently into Clinics and Hospitals

Tonsillectomy or dental surgery? We can help your child or teen understand and approach the procedure – from beginning to end – without fear or anxiety.

Upcoming MRI or VCUG? With our expertise, you will walk into the hospital knowing exactly what will happen and how to advocate for your child and your needs.

New diagnosis or procedure? Together, we’ll make sure the whole family understands what’s happening, what to expect, and how to respond to and support each other so that you can continue to grow as individuals – and as a family unit.

Health and Happiness Can Still Co-Exist

Stress, anxiety, and fear. Confusion. Questions. You have enough on your plate.

Let me help you and your family successfully navigate this journey.

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Creating an Environment that Influences Family Satisfaction

With the demands of not only getting the job done, but keeping your patients, clients, or guests happy, it’s no wonder you feel a bit overwhelmed! Today organizations are being called to provide a higher level service that factors satisfaction as a large part of the equation.

Drawing from our roots as the bridge between the family and the healthcare team, we specialize in helping you get your job done quickly, effectively, and in a way that replaces the stressed family with a satisfied one.

We offer employee trainings in two forms: established workshops and presentations or a “create your own” training. You can choose from our list below, or we can work together to customize an educational program that directly meets your specific needs.


How to Use Family and Support Comfort Positions during Medical Procedures

Ever wish families were more involved during medical procedures, so you and your patient aren’t so stressed? Are you ready to toss the papoose board into the trash?

This presentation is all about ways to involve families during medical procedures so you can cut down on staff and supplies – and boost satisfaction. Staff will be trained on the various comfort positions that can be used with pediatric patients and when each position is recommended. Additionally, staff will learn the words to use to encourage family support as well as manage family expectations about the planned medical procedure.

Let’s get started on a more family-centered environment today!

Assessing Pediatric Patients Psychosocial Responses to Sedation

Learn how Child Life Specialists can assist the medical team with making assessments on a patient’s ability to complete a procedure with or without the assistance of sedation.

A variety of sedation medications will be discussed with specific attention to how they might impact the child and family. Additionally, a discussion will be provided on helpful assessments questions and preparation materials that child life specialists can use to assist in making a well-informed assessment for the medical team.

Physical and Psychological Pain Management Strategies in Pediatric Patients

Ready to learn tricks and techniques that can complement pain medicine when working with patients who are experiencing chronic pain?

This training session introduces learners to all three types of pain management strategies (physical, psychological, and pharmaceutical), emphasizing how physical and psychological pain management techniques can easily be incorporated into a patient’s plan of care.

This class isn’t just about deep breathing or meditation; you will learn about the Gate Theory principle and how Buzzy Bee 4 Shots utilizes different nerve pathways. You will also learn how to introduce the Magic Glove technique and give patients control through the Pain Dial. This is one training you don’t want to miss!

Fight, Flight, Freeze – Social Emotional Support Techniques

It’s happened again. Your classroom calm has been disrupted as one of your students suddenly decides not to follow directions. Yesterday was the student hiding under the table. Today someone else has completely shut down, staring into space. At least no one is throwing chairs… yet.

In this session, participants will learn how to identify stress responses according to developmental level and how to go from surviving back to thriving. This presentation will be unique to identify how the brain responds to stress according to maturity.

The Care and Keeping of Campers – Camp Counselor Training

You can choose either an online or in-person educational session designed to teach counselors how to grow camper self-esteem and resilience while resolving conflicts efficiently.

These training sessions include practicing specific scenarios that can happen at camp, including homesickness, setting limits, and bullying.

With our expertise, your staff will discover that working with kids and families isn’t as challenging as they thought.

Using scenarios that are applicable to your organization and opportunities to practice techniques with a coach, all participants will increase their confidence to improve family satisfaction. Additionally, organizations will find ways to actually increase their productivity and success rates when interacting with families.

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For schools, camps, museums, and other organizations that serve the younger generation, we provide classes and workshops on various topics for a variety of age groups. You can read more about our workshops for children, teens, and families here.