Making What’s Good, Better – What’s Better, Best

Looking to make your medical practice family-friendly?

Creating organizational policies to better serve kids and teens?

Need content crafted to encourage engaged learning?

What about getting help from a Child Life Specialist?

The expertise of a Child Life Specialist can prove invaluable to organizations who want to improve client satisfaction, decrease pain and distress of pediatric patients, or integrate developmentally informed practice into policies and procedures.

Whatever your specialty, if you’re working with children, we can empower you to provide more effective, compassionate care.

We’re here to help YOU help them – and their entire family.

Medical Practices and Hospitals

While most children’s hospitals include a Child Life program, many other hospitals don’t have access to a Child Life team. Child Life expertise can be useful in adult hospitals that treat pediatric patients and medical practices that serve the pediatric population.

Thriving Play can assist in creating policies and protocols that encourage patient compliance and satisfaction while also meeting rigorous medical standards.

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“The out of the box thinking and skill of thinking ideas through have truly been a gift to the team.”
– Kim Stevens, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio


Nonprofit organizations

Organizations providing services to children and their families don’t always offer just the right integration of detailed developmental knowledge with the nuances of psycho-social support.

Thriving Play can help train employees and volunteers to provide more effective services to families – according to need and development.

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Camps and Museums

Camps and museums are in the unique position of combining education and fun, and that’s exactly how Child Life Specialists often teach.

With expert knowledge about the seamless integration of stress and coping theories with developmentally appropriate practice, Thriving Play can help meet the goal of providing fun and engaged learning in compliance with organizational policies.

Camp Counselor Training


“Sarah’s sessions were amazing, and her support during orientation and throughout camp was above and beyond.
It made camp memorable for our campers.”

– Katelyn, The Arthritis Foundation


Be Your Best – For the Best

Children. Our most important resource, the greatest learners and teachers, the adults of tomorrow, our future…

It’s crucial to provide them with the absolute best experiences possible, and we can help.

Reach out today to find out how Thriving Play can take your programming and services to the next level.

Because… “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
– Dr. Seuss