Sibling Support

Sisters and brothers need support ,too!

When taking care of a sick child, it’s easy to place the rest of the kids on the back burner.

Have you noticed your child regressing after the arrival of the new baby?

Or maybe your oldest child is experiencing anxiety after a younger sibling receives a Lupus diagnosis.

Before you start to worry, understand that it’s normal for brothers and sisters to have these reactions.

Siblings are like snowflakes – no two are alike.

If it’s a younger child, you might start noticing more whining or complaining. Perhaps difficulty saying goodbye – or sticks very close to family members.

Older kids tend to step into more of a caregiving role, either with – or without – encouragement from adults.

On the flip side, they may also try to break away from the family – by not following rules or spending more time alone or outside the house.

What’s important is how you handle them.

Working with Thriving Play will help you understand the underlying reason for acting out, as well as how to address and eliminate the behavior.

Through the use of guiding questions, therapeutic activities, and as always, a supportive environment, we’ll help your family adjust to changes – and grow more connected to each other.

We tailor our sessions specifically for kids and teens trying to cope with abrupt changes to family dynamics.

After helping them understand what’s happening and clear up misconceptions, we’ll guide them in discovering how they are still a unique and important member of the family.

You can arrange for one-on-one sessions with me, a Certified Child Life Specialist, or in a group with multiple brothers and sisters.

You don’t have to watch all the burners by yourself.

It’s ok to need help with what you’re going through – and we’re here for the entire family.

Are you ready to get the support your whole family needs?