It’s time to move your body to the music!

Music & Movement, a 4-class series. Every Tuesday in October at 9am or 10:30am for ages 1-4 years old and their caregivers.


Thriving Play is excited to partner with Crescendo Center in October for a unique 4-week series. Rose Anzel, music therapist and owner of Crescendo Center is opening her doors to provide a child and caregiver class that focuses on the power of music and movement. With the help of Thriving Play‘s very own Sarah Davis, children and parents will take an exciting adventure every Tuesday morning in October that includes dancing and making music.

Did you know that dance and music is a wonderful way to teach self-control to children? Consider the game “Freeze Dance” where everyone freezes when the music stops. While it seems like a simple game, it is far from the truth. Freezing at random moments via a signal can be unbelievably challenging to small children. When you pair music and movement together, the brain has to work on using multiple senses to control and regulate the body. Another important aspect of music and movement is that when you engage with others, you are engaging in a shared experience. Therefore the focus of each class is self-control, as well as sharing which is very important to develop at a young age. In addition, parents will receive guidance on how to support age-appropriate social skills and emotional control.

The Details:

The four-class series costs $100 per participating child. Class is limited to 5 children from ages 1 to 3 and caregivers must stay on site; this is not a drop-off program.

Classes take place every Tuesday morning in October. Additionally families can choose between two time slots:



**Please note that this is an in-person class series and takes place in downtown San Antonio, Texas. If you live outside of San Antonio but are interested, leave us a message and we will let you know if this program becomes virtual.

Advance registration is required; registration closes on September 30. Registration and payment information will arrive via email.

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